Virtual & blended sales calls are redefining medical sales.

Empower your sales team with both in-person and virtual selling skills and strategies.

Live Onsite Medical Sales

Onsite Live Medical Sales

Live access to HCPs and other stakeholders has diminished since COVID-19. The value of an in-person meeting has gone up exponentially. Are your sales representatives able to ensure each encounter will be effective?

Virtual Medical Sales

Virtual Medical Sales

Virtual selling has rapidly become a new norm in healthcare sales. It demands different skills and awareness compared to selling in-person. Is your sales team prepared to make the most of this powerful technology?

Specialized Training For Virtual / Blended Medical Sales Effectiveness

In a time of reduced access to doctors, dentists, and other HCPs, medical sales representatives must make the most of every customer interaction to drive sales.

Especially During Times of Crisis and Change

Reduced Access For Medical Sales Representatives Is Just One Obstacle That Needs To Be Addressed...

Medical sales representatives ability to access doctors, dentists, and other HCPs is more difficult than ever. You probably already know the reasons, which include:

  • HCPs and healthcare facilities need to reduce the potential for disease transmission during COVID-19. Restricting access to salespeople supports this need.
  • Doctors, dentists and other HCPs are busier. More steps are involved in seeing and treating patients. Clinical time has become more precious.
  • Almost half the doctors surveyed in the U.S. say they deny access to medical sales reps because they fail to see value in spending time with them.
  • HCPs accept products that are working as good enough. When dealing with crisis or change, HCPs view shopping for new products as inconvenient, risky and low priority.
  • HCPs and other stakeholders tend to commoditize products that are substantially similar to what they currently use. Therefore, they rarely see a need to shop for or consider similar products.
  • During times of crisis, the general consensus is to re-evaluate planned purchases and hold onto money.

In the “New Normal” of Healthcare Sales, Medical Sales Representatives Who Are Unable To Access Decision-makers and Distinguish Products to Convey Relevance Are Doomed To Failure.

Leverage The Individuality of HCPs and Others

Effective medical sales demands that each stakeholder is approached as an individual. This means sales people should not position products using assumptions based merely on title or position.

What’s relevant to one HCP might not be as relevant to another. This is why medical sales professionals identify and leverage CSV™ , or customer specific value with every decision-maker..

The CSV™ process uses proven algorithms to identify what each HCP and each stakeholder values. This allows products and services to be positioned specifically to maximize relevance for each stakeholder.

The Sales Pilot Solution

Access. Distinguish. Convey Relevance.

Our virtual and blended medical sales approach has been proving itself effective since COVID began impacting the U.S. in March 2020.

We teach healthcare sales professionals to use video conferencing strategically to identify. and exploit CSV™ (customer specific value). This allows sales representatives to  convey maximum relevance to all decision-makers in their accounts.

In a few short weeks or less, using virtual on-demand training and live virtual workshops, we’ll teach your sales team how to gain access, engage, initiate and advance the sales process.

Our training approach is designed to help medical sales representatives of all experience levels, from those just starting their careers to those who have been selling to healthcare for decades. If you sell medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, DME, medical software, healthcare services or anything else to HCPs and healthcare facilities, we can help you sell more, regardless of any current inside or outside influences.

Engage & Convert In-person Sales

Customer attention is limited. Sales reps must engage and convey relevance instantly at each contact.

Engage & Convert Virtual Sales

Selling virtually mandates attention to technology elements and a different strategy to engage than when selling in-person.

Maximize Sales With A Blended Sales Approach

Maximize Sales With A Blended Sales Approach

Combining on-site and virtual engagement more than doubles opportunities for engagement. Reps must be competent at each and able to strategically combine both.

Help Your Salespeople Distinguish Themselves In A Sea of Sameness

Help Your Salespeople Distinguish Themselves In A Sea of Sameness

Times of crisis and overwhelm increases the commoditization of products and services by HCPs and others. Never has the need to create distinction and relevance been greater for healthcare sales professionals.

Let’s Talk…

Let’s have a conversation to see if giving your sales team instant access to our virtual medical sales call masterclass is a good fit. We’ll discuss in specific terms how we’ll work with you and your sales team to create a winning sales approach to help you win in this changed sales environment. Whether we work together or not, you’ll learn  how to develop new sales strategies to meet customer and company expectations.

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