Medical Sales Core Competencies

Basic selling skills won’t get you far when selling to physicians, medical scientists, nurses, technologists, therapists and other healthcare experts. They think at a different level and won’t be persuaded by generic sales approaches.

Key learning objectives included during medical sales core competency training include:

• Defining a sales strategy and process specific to each product, institution and end-user
• Identifying and gaining access to ALL of the decision-makers
• Engaging busy medical professionals
• Dealing with commoditization attempts
• Handling sensitive pricing issues
• Identifying specific needs that your product or service can solve
• Circumnavigating the strong egos of medical experts and correcting erroneous assumptions
• Sales engagement preparation
• Dealing with angry, upset, and dissatisfied customers
• Obtaining commitment throughout the sales process
• Continuously adding value to every engagement with the customer
• Positioning your product vs. the competition’s
• The Confidence Equation
• Regulatory compliance
• Coaching successful sales professionals with strong egos

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