When Medical Reps Ask Stupid Questions

How To Step-up Your Game From Sales Cliché To Doctor Whisperer

Doctors and other HCPs have to deal with medical sales representatives who seem to have an uncanny ability to ask the most ridiculous or even stupid questions. It’s like they’ve mastered the art of sounding like every other sales rep out there. The saddest thing is that due to a lack of any real sales knowledge, these reps tend to blame the prospect for not showing interest.

Everyone knows you’re a sales rep and it’s your job to sell. No problem there. The problem is that busy HCPs don’t wake up thinking, “I hope a sales rep interrupts me today because I want to buy something.”  They would have called you if they were actively looking for your solutionIf buying isn’t on their minds, asking obvious sales questions too early makes little sense. Instead, ask questions that show you genuinely understand a doctor’s challenges and needs.

Here are a few hints to develop some self-awareness during sales calls (and minimize eye-rolling) from your prospects and customers:

Drop the “Captain Obvious” Questions:

Every HCP hears questions from medical reps that even toddlers could answer with a quick Google search. Seriously, put in some effort and actually know the answers to those basic questions. Take the time to understand the doctor’s background, specialty, and practice, and show them that you’ve done your homework. Doctors appreciate reps who bring value and knowledge to the table.

Say Goodbye To The Scripted, Generic Sales Pitch

Picture this: you’re talking to a medical rep, and it feels like you’re talking to the person you spoke to yesterday and the day before. Yawn! Let’s break free from the monotony, shall we? Instead of regurgitating the same old sales spiel, aim for thought-provoking questions that make you stand out from the sea of salespeople. Show that you genuinely care about the doctor’s unique challenges and make them say, “Hey, this rep actually gets it!”

Make A Connection With Questions That Are Specific and Personal

Let’s face it; doctors have had their fair share of robotic sales reps who treat every interaction like a script reading. It’s like the political candidate who keeps repeating the same twenty-second sound bite—it’s boring! Inject some personality into your sales conversations. Tailor your questions to each doctor’s specific situation. Acknowledge their individual circumstances and show them that you see them as more than just another prescription-writing, product-ordering machine. Break the ice, and watch the magic happen!

Don’t Even Think About Trying To Manipulate Prospects

Do you really think doctors are oblivious to those sneaky questions that are obviously leading to a sales pitch? Come on now; they’ve seen it all. So, let’s ditch the manipulation game and focus on building genuine relationships built on trust. Take a sincere interest in the doctor’s needs, and let the conversation flow naturally. When doctors see that you’re genuinely interested in their well-being rather than just making a sale, they’ll be more open to what you have to offer.

Want Interest? Show Interest!

Do you know what grinds a doctor’s gears? When a rep asks a question and then completely ignores the answer to dive headfirst into a sales pitch. It’s like, did you even hear what they said? Show that you understand what they’re saying and that you’re curious enough about their needs to go deeper before rushing into a sales pitch. Convey genuine interest, and use their response to shape the conversation. Doctors will appreciate the effort and see you as a partner, not just another sales drone.

It’s Not About You; It’s About Them

Oh boy, here comes the classic blunder: making everything about you and your fabulous product. Let’s put the spotlight back on the doctor where it rightfully belongs. Skip the self-centered questions like, “If I could show you how to achieve X, could we have a few minutes of your precious time?” Trust me; it screams “sales pitch” from a mile away. Instead, ask about the doctor’s priorities, challenges, and goals. Make it about their world, and watch the doors of opportunity swing wide open.

So, my fellow medical reps, it’s time to bid farewell to the land of stupid sales questions and robotic pitches. Ditch the generic, obvious, and manipulative questions and instead focus on personalized inquiries that show you understand the doctors’ needs. Listen, genuinely engage, and make it all about them. Cheers to asking smarter questions and being a medical sales professional that doctors actually want to talk to!


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