Finding The Hidden Opportunities To Sell More Than Ever Before


A 60-90 Minute Presentation That Shows Medical Sales Professionals How to Uncover and Leverage Relevant Issues That Influence Healthcare Buying Decisions


In this content-packed presentation, your sales team will learn:


How to get unlimited sales time with doctors and other HCPs by applying the power of relevance


How to avoid the costly “COMMODITY” label with your products and services


How to leverage post-pandemic challenges to serve more and sell more by leveraging new opportunities 

Learn The Customer-Focused / Patient-Focused Approach to Distinguish Your Products, Your Company and Yourself To Win & Retain Business


Also Covered In This Presentation:

 How the sales landscape is different since the pandemic and how to use it to your advantage

→ Why continuing to sell like it’s still 2019 is counterproductive and costly 

→ The healthcare issues getting attention NOW and how to apply this knowledge to your products and services

→ How crisis and change create new opportunities and how to use it to your advantage

→ How to distinguish yourself and your products from competitors through individualized value creation (and how typical medical reps limit sales opportunities through typical, intuitive sales approaches)

→ What motivates doctors and other HCPs to buy and how to leverage it to sell more

→ How to establish relationship credibility with HCPs that drives business

→ Simple hacks to quickly prepare for relevant sales conversations

→ An easy to use algorithm to identify what’s most important to your prospects and customers in real-time

→ How to eliminate the common excuses of under-performing medical reps

OUTCOME: Attendees will be able to distinguish themselves and their products by applying the principles of Real-time Relevance-Based Selling™.

All Presentations Are Tailored to Your Company's Products and Targeted Customers

President, Sales Pilot Medical Sales Performance""The Medical Sales Guy" Past President National Speakers Association South Florida Chapter

Presented Live by Mace Horoff

President, Sales Pilot Medical Sales Performance
“”The Medical Sales Guy”
Past President National Speakers Association South Florida Chapter
Keynote: Medical Sales in The Post-pandemic World

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