Medical Sales Reps: Why your healthcare customers should almost never think about you.

In a time when discounts and contracts seem more important than clinical outcomes, don’t lose sight of the differentiator that allows you to hold onto business.   I’m talking about stellar service, that which occurs behind the scenes for the most part and doesn’t require your customers to call you to make it happen because you stay a step ahead of them.

Think about the service providers in your own life.  Let’s take your internet provider, for example.  How often do you think about them?  Do you ever say, “I wonder how Bob, who hooked up my modem is doing.”  Or perhaps you might utter, “I haven’t heard from Allison at Verizon customer service in a while.  I hope she calls to say hi.”  The truth is you’re happiest with your service when you don’t have to think about the people behind the scenes who keep it all running smoothly.  When you do, there’s usually a problem.  It’s the same with your customers.

Success in medical sales is partly based on your ability to stay visible, but not top of mind.  Ideally, your name comes up either when there is an opportunity to solve a customer’s problem not caused by your product, or the customer wants to place an order or schedule the use of your product.  If the customer is thinking about you beyond that, then your product or service is not doing what it’s supposed to do… or they have a crush on you, and either is bad for business!

Your job is to sell.  In the medical world, quality, price, and customer service are a given.  You shouldn’t ever be talking about those things as features that you offer because none of them are differentiators anymore.  The term customer service is cliché.   And if your customers think about “customer service” it’s because either you or your company are not providing it.  Problems make you top of mind and the only time you want to be top of mind is when the customer is ready to buy.

Want to differentiate yourself today?  Convince your customers that you can stay off their radar screens, except when you’re offering or providing a solution.   Assure them that you’ll be delivering the best kind of service, and that’s the kind they probably won’t notice because few people notice when things work as they should.

If your customers only think about you when they see you, or when they want to buy, you’re doing a great job.  Stay visible, but not top of mind.