Insider’s Secrets to Getting Hired in Medical Sales Course

Whether you’re trying to land your first job in medical sales or looking for your next, Insider’s Secrets to Getting Hired in Medical Sales will teach you a proven approach that very few candidates know about.

The Problem

Medical sales is one of the most competitive job markets. Following huge layoffs in the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors, the market has been flooded with qualified and experienced candidates. There are also a huge number of candidates trying to migrate to medical sales from other industries that have been severely affected by the economic recession. Recent college graduates have fewer options for high-paying positions that offer a promising and relatively recession-proof future. Many have their sights on medical sales.

What are most of them doing to land a new medical sales job? They are blasting out resumes to companies and recruiters. This is a good strategy for a select few, but it’s a really big waste of time for most.

Why blasting resumes is a bad idea?

Unless you have a documented history of success with a well-known medical company, your resume will survive for about 15 seconds—that’s it! Why? Because with such a vast candidate pool to choose from, hiring managers and medical sales recruiters select the most obvious, marketable candidates whose resumes deliver the right message in seconds.

So unless you’ve got experience, a history of success, and a well-written resume—sending out resumes is a bad idea and a waste of your time and money.

What is the best way to maximize your chances for getting hired in medical sales?

The best way for anyone to get hired in medical sales, even with a lot of medical sales experience, is to locate the opportunities directly and sell yourself into the job! This allows you to leap-frog the other candidates competing for the job and to position yourself as a top candidate, regardless of your past experience. And when the hiring manager asks for your resume, you need to send one that confirms you have what’s needed to succeed.

What’s included in Insider’s Secrets to Getting Hired in Medical Sales?

Insider’s Secrets to Getting Hired in Medical Sales is six MP3 audio downloads with accompanying guidebook.

Armed with the knowledge you will gain from this course and a commitment to using the information, you will:

  • Get around any “no-experience” issue in a way that puts you on level footing with other candidates (and will even propel you past them!)
  • Work your way in through “the back door” when you don’t have the necessary qualifications that a company is looking for
  •  Use any “rejections” during the hiring process as opportunities that could land you the job
  • Select the right industry segment before you start trying to find a job
  • Present yourself to hiring authorities in the most favorable ways possible
  • Craft a winning medical sales resume so the reviewer has to take a closer look at you
  • Expertly prepare for the medical sales interview
  • Do what YOU MUST DO at the interview if you want to get hired
  • Avoid what YOU MUST AVOID at the interview to avoid killing your application
  • Change the negative context of any potential short-comings into positives attributes
  • Discover inside information about an open sales position that can catapult you ahead of the other candidates
  • Follow-up after the interview to distinguish yourself from other candidates
  • Respond to any letters of rejection to reinstate yourself as an even stronger

And that’s just the beginning. You’ll learn so much more such as…What wardrobe mistakes should you avoid that could kill your chances?… Who is the best person in the company to talk to about a job?…What is the right way to ask for the job and why you won’t get it if you don’t do this?


Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Hired in Medical Sales

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…Everyone said that I could not get a job with a major medical device company at my age (21). Thanks for helping me prove them wrong!
-Matt M., Boca Raton, FL

Mace, I would just like to say thank you. I just accepted a job with   [major orthopedic company – name deleted].   Being someone with no experience in sales, I used your program and got hired. I listened to the program over and over. It helped make it clear. I’m ready to start my new career but could not have done it without your program. Thanks again.
-David L., Jefferson Hills, PA

I wanted to let you know that I have been offered and have accepted a Medical Device / Surgical Sales position with   [company name deleted]…   I want to thank you for your help and guidance. Your “Insider’s Secrets To Getting Hired In Medical Sales” program played an integral part in my securing this position. I listened to the mp3 audio program at least five times and took copious notes from which I was able to successfully tailor my B2B sales background and life experiences. I also answered every one of the sample situational questions from the Insiders Secret’s Workbook in preparation for the interviewing process and that proved invaluable.
Ron D., Boulder, CO