Strengthen Your Current Sales Training Program

A university study shows that immediately following sales training, salespeople are able to recall and use 10-20% of what they learned.  Would you like to improve their ability to remember key selling concepts and articulate key product talking points  to 90-100%?

How do most companies conduct medical sales training programs?

The sales people assemble for training sessions totaling one or more days. Mounds of material are presented. The attendees recognize the value of this new information and know that it will be beneficial once they incorporate it into their selling routines.

What happens when they return to their territories?

Life happens! There are crises that need the sales person’s immediate attention and opportunities that must be capitalized on right away.

That new training binder get placed on a shelf (or thrown in a drawer) and never get looked at again. Some of the information might get used haphazardly into a sales presentation. It’s not what the company or the sales person intended. It’s just the way it is the demanding world of healthcare sales.

Sales Pilot can help to implement a sales process during training and after.

Bring your sales training programs to life and make it real for what your sales force does every day. They will engage in real-life simulations – high-pressure situations just like they will face back in their territories. And they will do it under the watchful eyes of skilled facilitators, marketing personnel and managers who will ensure that they are having the right conversations with their customers. It will be easier to do upon returning to their territories because they have already done it.

Accelerated learning using sequential repetition ensures that the material is absorbed during live training. We employ techniques derived from airline simulator flight training in The Sales Simulator where basic to intermediate competency is achieved as skills are learned.

Learning by trial-and-error in the territory is costly and only marginally effective.

Provide your salespeople a process to follow based on success. Make it easy for them to implement when they get back home.

You can make sure that your salespeople study and learn the material on a regular basis, at their convenience when they return to their territories.  How?  You can implement the new training system that we offer that allows salespeople to study and practice key sales points. And you get to see when they do it and how they scored because the practice is monitored, scored and reported to management every week.

Benchmarking shows an increase of retention from 10% up to 90-100%!

Reinforce the new skills and help them to continue to grow.

The real learning takes place in the territory, not in the training room. We offer ongoing follow-up training that will take their skills to the next level and ensure they are doing the right things to win sales. Our facilitated ongoing learning ensures that everyone is on the same page using sales approaches that work in the real world.

You offer great training.  Now you can take it to the MAX.

Make your training the best it can be.  Call Sales Pilot at 561.333.8080 or email us to discuss how we can enhance your current sales training program.