This Year in Medical Sales, The Only Way to Win is to Do Things Differently

The beginning of a new year is when many medical sales reps look take a look at their territories.  They look for ways to develop new customers and sell more to existing ones.  It’s a fresh start, at least from the standpoint of your sales numbers.

One thing all rational salespeople realize:  If they keep doing what they did the previous year, their results may be about the same.  I say “about the same,” because there is a good chance that just doing the same activities will cause a loss of business.  Healthcare is changing so dramatically in some ways that different activities and approaches are needed just to hold onto what you have, let alone grow.

This doesn’t only apply to you.  It also applies to your customers.  Healthcare providers and institutions are under pressure to change also.  The good news is that you can help them to do this.  Focus on the challenges of change that your customers face and you can position yourself as someone valuable.

The provisions of The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will continue to roll out over the next year.  You can learn what they are by looking here.  Take a moment to look over each provision on the timeline.  How can you incorporate this information into your sales conversations?  How can you help providers and institutions to comply or survive with these mandates?

Discretionary time for healthcare workers is at an all time premium, but most are willing to take time to have conversations with salespeople who can help them to cope with the new changes.  They appreciate it even more when you show them how doing business with you can help them to make money or save money.  They’re always interested in learning how to save time while complying with the new mandates.  And just as before, they’re always interested in better patient outcomes.

It’s a new year and just like you, your customers want it to be a good one.  Even if you’re reading this well after January, it’s never too late to help your customers, or yourself, to get on track.

To have a good year, you need to think differently.  So do your customers.  Part of your thinking differently can be to help your customers to do the same.  They need your help.  When your customers know that you can help them to adapt with today’s changes, they will buy from you preferentially.

Selling the way you sold last year won’t cut it, so don’t.  Look at your business through the eyes of your customers and give them what they need.  If you’re in medical sales, there is no other way to grow your business from this point forward.