Do you think your product is better than your competition’s? Great! Just don’t tell the customer!

Sales representatives from every industry love to claim that their product is better.  They provide better service.  The buyer will get better results and be happier.

Sales reps say this because they think it will motivate the customer to buy.  It doesn’t.  It just makes you look cheesy, sound like a cliché, and presents you as someone who is merely out to make a sale.

Walk around a medical products exhibit at a convention and the most common phrase you will hear is, “It’s the best on the market.”  When you hear sales representatives from competing companies tell you that, you know one of them is lying.  When you hear three or more telling you that, you feel like they are all lying.

When you tell a customer your product is the best, you push them into the realm of disbelief.  Your conflict of interest is obvious.  You don’t get paid when they buy your competitor’s product and they know this.

Stop saying your product is better than the competition’s because your customers don’t care.  They only care about the outcomes they are paid to produce while minimizing risk and overcoming challenges.  When you show your prospects and customers that you understand their world and position your products and services to address their needs, they’ll listen.  If they sense the right fit, they’ll buy.  And they will open their doors for you to come back and help them again.

Your job as a sales professional is not to say your products are better than the competition’s.  Your job is to BE (as in sell) better than the competition.