Believe in What You Sell, Even When Your Competition Has a Better Product

Medical sales reps are usually happy to have a job; at least they start out that way.  As they delve deeper into their territories, including their competition, they sometimes realize that their competition’s product is better than theirs.  Tough luck because you need to sell what’s in your bag, right?

The answer to that question is yes, but you don’t have the luxury of seeing a competitor’s product as being superior to yours, that is, unless you’re planning to go to work for the competition.  Instead, find out what your product does better, even if it’s one minor thing, and then get passionate about it.

Few products dominate in every category.  Chances are that whatever you sell, it has a competitive advantage somewhere.  Find it and exploit it.  It’s the only way you’ll sell it.

Can’t think of any features that stand out?  What about youYou’re a feature of your product.  You come with it.  You deliver clear education about how it works and which patients are best served by it.  You solve problems for customers as soon as you find them, and of course, you’re always on the lookout.  You create a customer service experience that is second to none and if something isn’t right for the patient, you’re the first to speak up.

Sure, you sell a product, but you also sell you.  You’re an extension of the product that you sell.  If you can’t be passionate about the product that you sell, then be passionate about you — not in braggart terms, but in what you provide for the customer and the patient.  Don’t tell the customer; show the customer.

And by all means, believe it…and sell it!


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