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In addition to a high-energy, relevant, and actionable program that will motivate your sales team to implement the actionable steps he’ll provide, Mace will:

Create a video to introduce your sales team to what they’re going to experience during the live program and how it will impact their business

– Conduct pre-program interviews with managers and key salespeople so he can address the specific challenges and opportunities they face every day

– Attend any social events or meet-ups to mingle with the sales team to further personalize the program, learn more about their business, and to provide one-on-one insight

– Include one follow-up webinar/conference call 30 days after the live program


New Presentation 2024

“Medical Sales in A Changed World: Finding The Hidden Opportunities To Sell More Than Ever Before

 The Healthcare Sales Rep: Be the Ally, NOT the Enemy

With spiraling economic pressures such as declining reimbursement, healthcare providers increasingly see medical sales representatives as an economic enemy. Sales reps have a choice–they can continue to just sell their products and services, or they can align their messages and behaviors with the healthcare provider’s and institution’s needs and mandates. The end result is that sales reps will differentiate themselves from their competitors so as to be seen as the best choice. Following this program, attendees will be able to:

-Minimize or eliminate the sales rep/institution/clinician adversarial relationship
-Influence buying decisions when multiple decision-makers have conflicting goals and agendas
-Create and deliver relevant value to overcome or offset pricing issues
-Avoid being victimized by the increasingly common policy: “Does not see sales reps”


The Silly Things That Medical Sales Reps Do: Simple Changes to Engage More, Sell More and Be Welcomed Back

Ready to let your salespeople learn by laughing at themselves? They’ll see themselves in this presentation and identify with many of the things that they do (and don’t do) that cause missed sales opportunities and lost business. They will learn how to make small changes in thinking and behavior that reap huge results.

-Silly things that medical reps do that will have them thinking, “OMG…that’s me!”
-The pitfalls of developing false relationships with customers
-The silly things that salespeople say
-How to stop making promises they can’t keep
-Aligning sales behaviors with the sales message (most reps don’t do this!)
-How to create positive differentiation with health care providers, C-suite personnel, and administrative assistants
-How to have fun while selling in a very serious industry and sell more!


Winning the Sale in a Complex and Highly Distracted Healthcare Sales Environment

Healthcare decision-makers have many things on their plates that prevent them from spending time with sales representatives. The last thing that many of them want is someone taking up their valuable time to try and sell them something that, in their minds, they already have. Following this program, attendees will be able to:

-Gain favorable attention early in the sales process
-Apply the motivators and drivers for buying decisions in the new healthcare
-Identify and balance clinical + economic drivers
-Implement a sales process that connects the essential touch points in accounts

Follow-up or Foul-up: Creating a Sales Process for Healthcare Sales Success

Medical sales rarely close in one call, yet a disturbing number of medical sales reps fail to follow-up effectively and connect the dots required to close the sale. This means that many sales calls are nothing more than a waste of everyone’s time because the essential follow-up steps never happen. This program will show attendees:

-How to redefine the sales call as a process instead of an event
-How and why to plan follow-up first instead of leaving it as an after-thought
-Ongoing activities and communications that keep the sales process moving and provide necessary access to stakeholders

Secrets to Survive and Thrive in Medical Sales in the 21st Century

Medical sales is changing. The decision-makers are changing. Customers are harder to access. The sale is much more than just a clinical issue. If you’re still thinking about the sale as you did in the past—you lose!

The biggest challenge that medical sales representatives face in the 21st century is their own relevance. Being merely “average” is the kiss of death. Average sales reps extract an unnecessary cost to customers in terms of money and time–in other words, average medical sales reps have become irrelevant.

Over the span of 60-90 very engaging minutes, Mace differentiates the behaviors of “average” medical sales reps from the relevant behaviors and superior skills of the medical sales professionals who own the future.

The take-home message: Stay relevant with the specific strategies that Mace will discuss and then outsell and eliminate the competition. It’s no longer about clinical knowledge. It’s about being a business partner with the customer where the value you provide goes far beyond product benefits and price.

This is a presentation that every sales professional who sells to healthcare needs to hear.


Killing Complacency: A Funny and Not-so-funny Look at Avoiding the Quiet Curse That Kills Business, Relationships, and People

If you think you don’t need to hear this presentation, you’re probably suffering from complacency!

Business professionals, sales people, and almost everyone suffers from complacency, at some level, someplace in their lives. An unfortunate facet of human nature, satisfaction in achievement leads us to “coast.” Believing that all is well (or worse, feeling bulletproof), things in our lives can change so insidiously that by the time we realize it, damage has been done.

This 45 minute presentation explores complacency at different levels where the manifestations run from comedic embarrassment, to a loss of business, crushed relationships, and loss of life. Mace emphasizes that we are all vulnerable in so many critical areas and how to recognize those feelings of satisfaction that are really warning signs. The presentation is at times humorous, and at times dead serious as it emphasizes the need for complacency awareness to protect your business, your life and anything that you value.

The presentation can be customized to any specific issues you wish to address in your meeting or to coincide with a specific meeting theme.


Trashing Conventional Wisdom: Why Selling How Everyone Else Sells is No Longer Effective

Some of the conventional wisdom that salespeople share with each other is so outdated as to be funny, that is, if they don’t work for your company! The world is changing, and the tactics and behaviors that sales reps use to influence buying decisions need to change as well. It’s time to get real!

This 45-60 minute presentation will get your salespeople to consider their sales approach from the buyer’s perspective, as well as from a practical standpoint. They will experience some typical, real-world selling examples that reveal the failing wisdom of some of the old, clichѐd sales aphorisms that many still follow. The presentation includes suggestions on how to update their sales approach to coincide with the needs of their customers today
The most important thing for sales professionals is to be able to distinguish themselves and their products from the competition. That won’t happen if everyone is doing and saying the same old things! This memorable and entertaining presentation will change the way your salespeople think about selling to intelligent buyers by offering instantly actionable ideas that they can use in their territories tomorrow.

Demanding Doctors and Nasty Nurses: Selling to the Difficult Health Care Buyer
(A great presentation for hospital, clinic, and healthcare workers also!)

Have you ever had to deal with customers who treated you in less than a polite and cordial manner? Perhaps you occasionally call on health care professionals whose ego gets in the way of rational behavior?

Selling in healthcare puts the medical sales professional in front of customers who make life and death decisions, who sometimes behave in ways that can alienate and anger even the most composed salesperson. When one of your health care customers yells at you in anger, or says things that question your mother’s morality, what do you do? You can get angry, you can storm out, or you can sell him something!

This is a 45-60 minute presentation that is derived from dealing with some very difficult doctors and nurses who range from the unreasonable to the completely irrational and mean! It creates an understanding of why this hostility often erupts, and how to deal with it to continue to move forward with these customers in a productive way.

Sooner or later, everyone who sells will encounter someone who can bring out thoughts of anger and retaliation that you didn’t even know you had. But, those emotions are counterproductive to the only reason you engage these less-than-nice people and that is to get them to buy. Give your sales team the tools to sell to demanding doctors and nasty nurses and they will respond with confidence the next time they are under attack.


All presentations are customized for your company or association, your product/service, and the meeting’s theme.
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