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Medical sales training using a multidimensional approach that transfers and validates the essential medical sales skills. Most medical device companies train to a high level of product knowledge, but in medical sales, it’s not what you know – it’s what you do!  Equip your medical sales representatives with an easy to follow sales process to help them gain commitment towards generating additional business. Sales Pilot Medical Sales Performance provides services exclusively for the medical device, dental, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic markets. Please explore the variety of workshops, presentations, courses, and free content available on this site. Call us at 561-333-8080 to learn more about the different options we offer.


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Why Training Demands a Different Approach for High-stakes Medical Device Sales


Medical sales training is all that Sales Pilot Medical Sales Performance does. We’re specialists that teach effective medical selling skills to help you and your medical sales team capture and retain business.

Sales Pilot trains medical device sales people how to sell much like airline pilots become qualified to fly mega-million dollar jets. Our medical sales training begins by creating a solid sales foundation (something that a majority of medical sales representatives lack). We layer additional skills individually until each participant can apply a healthcare-specific sales approach to influence buying decisions with healthcare decision-makers. Every step in our training process is specific to the healthcare sale.

We don’t just create a knowledge base for your salespeople – each member of your team will practice and demonstrate a sequence of essential skills in the Sales Simulator™. This is not fun. We push, prod, and provoke participants to move them out of their comfort zones. That’s where growth occurs.

The end result is a more competent and capable medical sales force.

The bottom line: Every member of your sales team will learn and practice skills and strategies to differentiate themselves and their products, better engage customers and advance the sales process at each contact.

Don’t gamble on medical sales training! If you want to get real about selling in healthcare, you’ve come to the right place. Please explore our site to see for yourself how we can prepare and equip your medical sales force for success.

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