Hone sales representative skills and strategies with Online Medical Sales Training and Support.

The medical sales professional’s ability to retain business and compete in the marketplace hinges on the ability to outthink and outsell the competition. Access comprehensive medical sales training and support wherever you are, whenever you want.¬†

24 / 7 / 365
Online Medical Sales Training

On-demand training includes:

Video, Audio & Written Instructional Content

Via short 5-10 minute course units, learn strategies and tactics to access, engage and close business with healthcare professionals and executives.

All the Elements of Effective Medical Selling

Learn the essential specialized skills of medical selling, starting with an understanding of how HCPs and healthcare executives think. Learn how to gain access, engage, assess needs, share data and information, handle objections, advance the sale, follow-up, and much more.

P.A.I.N. S.O.N.A.R. Sales Process

Learn a proprietary medical sale model to simplify healthcare selling and pre-call planning.

Quizzes and Scenarios to Test Understanding

Work through scenarios to see how effectively you’ll handle specific medical sales situations. Test your understanding of key concepts with short quizzes in each module.

Monthly Live Q & A Sessions

Every month we host a live Q & A session where course enrollees can ask questions and discuss relevant topics.

Custom eLearning for your company, product or service

Our online medical sales training course is relevant for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biologics, DME, capital equipment, EHR, software…anything that is sold to healthcare. We also offer ¬†customized eLearning for your company. Please call us for more information.¬†

Online Medical Sales Training

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