Mastering Medical Sales Workshop

Specifically Tailored for Your Company, Your Product, and Your Customer

You sell to professionals who provide health care.  You want better sales results.  You offer a good product or service.  What can you do to ensure incremental sales growth?

Selling in healthcare is like being a juggler–sales representatives often multitask to “keep all of the balls in the air.”  They develop habits that are geared more towards survival than towards sales effectiveness.  And they are selling primarily to highly-educated, intelligent people.

Our experience working with medical device companies and other healthcare products manufacturers is that a large percentage of salespeople reach a point where they are “just going through the motions” when it comes to selling.  Especially in healthcare, where face-to-face selling time with decision-makers is limited, sales people try to deliver as many product data dumps as possible and hope some customers buy.

Think about your customer–the physician, the nurse, the therapist, the technologist, and any other decision-maker involved in the sale–they are bombarded with sales pitches constantly, and they are very good at tuning them out.  The truth is that most see sales people as an interruption to their day. Unless the salesperson is deliveringsome level of value on every call, he or she is little more than a walking, talking brochure who is not welcome.

Medical Sales “Flight Training”

During the Mastering Medical Sales Workshop, your representatives will learn to look at their sales objectives similar to how a pilot plans a cross-country journey, i.e., begin with the destination in mind and then create a calculated plan that produces a predictable outcome!

Just as specific flying skills allow a pilot to reach a destination, specialized medical selling skills provide the means to get places with your customers. These are not generic selling skills that one can get from reading a sales book. Instead, we focus on skills that are specifically oriented towards selling in healthcare.

Attendees will learn how to get past the gatekeepers and get to the decision makers. They will know the important differences of presenting products in a short time frame (Scrub Sink Selling), full presentations one-on-one, and selling to a group or committee.

Attendees Achieve Competency in The Sales Simulator.

The Sales Simulator™ is patterned after airline flight simulation training that creates competency by drilling each skill until a level of competency is obtained before moving on to the next skill. Problem areas are identified and corrected as they occur so each attendee progresses. The major advantage of The Sales Simulator™ is that new habits are initiated during the training so the skills are useable the first day back in the territory.

The key to maximizing competency is practice.  We now offer a unique and incredibly effective computer-based practice tool as a training option (not included with the live workshop).  With as little as twenty minutes per week of practice, sales people can master the key talking points and move to a level of sales competency that was previously unobtainable for most.

Each participant can be given a “check ride” to demonstrate that he or she is ready to compete and win in their territories. We also have a process for attendees to participate in selling collaboratively, which allows them to solve sales challenges as a team.

Follow-Up Coaching Call and
Daily Medical Selling Skills Reminders Included

We can change thinking and teach skills to a high-level in a one, two or three day program.  But lasting behavioral change takes time.  To support this goal, we send daily medical selling skills reminders to program attendees for 30 days, We will also schedule a live one-hour conference call for all of the attendees to address specific challenges from the field and to advance the learning process.

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