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What are lost healthcare sales costing you and your company?

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Distinguish Your Healthcare Products / Services to Sell More

Distinguish Your Healthcare Products / Services to Sell More

Create a more effective medical sales team at your next meeting with a highly interactive workshop

Contribute. Problem-solve. Be Part of the Healthcare Team.

Contribute. Problem-solve. Be Part of the Healthcare Team.

Entertain and engage your sales team at your next national sales meeting or training event. Help them
to think bigger and act decisively.

Sharpen Sales insight and Skills - Wherever You Are

Sharpen Sales insight and Skills - Wherever You Are

Success in medical sales isn’t an event; it’s an ongoing process. Explore virtual on-demand training to enhance and support your sales teams.

Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare Sales Training

Medical sales skills to sell more and retain business with hospitals, physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals and administrators

Addressing the Challenges of Medical Device, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Equipment Sales During and After COVID-19 Crisis

Medical sales representatives face an urgent situation during the COVID-19 crisis. Many have experienced a total shutdown of business in their accounts. There is much confusion as to what they should do in the midst of the crisis and what to expect as their territories resume business in what is expected to be a new normal. It’s important that sales reps and account managers plan their strategies now, as merely reverting to old ways of medical sales are likely to be ineffective and counterproductive.

What’s Changed in Medical Sales

HCPs are overwhelmed during the coronavirus pandemic, or shortly will be. And they’re concerned about their safety and the economic well-being of their practices and employees. Their primary focus is taking care of patients. Considering new products/services at this time is unlikely, unless it is provoked by severe problems or lack of availability with current suppliers. HCPs can’t afford to give time to any issues that aren’t urgent.

What Must Medical Sales Representatives Do NOW?

It is critically important that medical sales representatives focus on  accounts’ most urgent needs during and after the coronavirus pandemic. 

The vast majority of medical reps sell with a product focus. It’s important to remember that HCPs are unlikely to be actively considering new products/serviecs at this time. As a result, reps who merely offer or show products/services is unlikely to get time with decision-makers. In fact, they may even be seen as nothing more than self-serving.

Medical salespeople must be prepared to have conversations about current issues that are urgent to their customers. Reps who approach just to sell a product or service are unlikely to get very far. 

How Sales Pilot Medical Sales Performance Can Help 

The Sales Pilot Medical Sales Peri-COVID / Post-COVID training programs train medical sales representatives to sell with an intense focus on customer needs using a carefully applied algorithm. We teach medical representatives how to create opportunities that are relevant to the HCP’s current situation. Reps then learn how to strategically position products/services perfectly so as they can’t be ignored or easily dismissed. 

Training Delivery Methods

All medical sales training programs can be delivered via live Zoom training sessions or on-demand eTraining, or blended learning.

Results: More access. More engagement. More sales.

The immediate results of applying our comprehensive sales approach are increased access, engagement, and steady advancement of the sales process. Sales representatives instantly distinguish themselves and their companies with HCPs and other healthcare stakeholders through an intensely personal sales approach.

Let’s Talk…

A return to old selling habits and approaches in the age of COVID-19 won’t get your sales teams the results they need in a much changed healthcare sales environment.  

Let’s have a conversation to see if our training approach makes sense for your sales team. Whether we work together or not, you’ll learn  how to develop new sales strategies to meet customer and company expectations.

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