Workshop: Selling Effectively in a Changing Healthcare World

Assuming that your sales force is prepared to sell in a changing healthcare world could be costly. Why not offer a half or full-day workshop at your next sales meeting to ensure they’re up to the task?

The average medical sales representative might be effective when selling to clinicians, but they are like fish out of water when it comes to engaging the cadre of changing decision-makers. Truth is, time is running out for medical sales representatives who are just average.

Successful sales professionals in this era of evolving healthcare change must initiate  business discussions while still addressing clinical issues. They also must be able to sell to satisfy the various goals and priorities that differ with each stakeholder. Value Based Purchasing, value analysis committees, commoditization, and decreased access to customers demand a new level of professionalism and focus.

How to Sell Effectively in the Changing World of Healthcare is a half day or full day workshop that transfers not only knowledge, but specifically useable skills. How can this be achieved in such a short time frame?

Participants begin the process two weeks or more before the live event with our Online Learning Management System. Learning at their own pace and convenience, they will study specific medical sales skills that they can apply to any healthcare sales situation. After developing a knowledge base and understanding of the customer like never before, they are ready for the live workship.

During the live workshop, attendees turn their new knowledge into useable skills as they are guided and coached on how to sell to each of the different customers in their territory. This part of the program is specifically tailored and customized to your company, your product, and your customers. Attendees will leave the workshop with the skills and confidence to sell to ALL of their customers, not just clinicians.

Attendees will have access to the online eLearning course for a full year so that they can continue to hone their skills and steadily improve. The eLearning course also serves as a great review before any sales engagement and it can be accessed via any computer or portable device (iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phones) with Internet access.

Whether selling to the C-Suite, the Value Analysis Committee, supply chain managers, department heads, or end-users, your sales team will be up to the task.

For more information on this specialized and essential selling skills program, contact Mace Horoff at Sales Pilot 561.333.8080 or email.