“The Commodity Cure for Medical Reps:
How to Distinguish Yourself and Your Products So You Get the Sale”


A 60-90 Minute Presentation Enabling Medical Sales Professionals to Distinguish Themselves, Their Company, and Their Products with Simple Changes in Thinking and Strategies


In this content-packed presentation, your sales team will learn:


A counterintuitive way to make doctors and other HCPs WANT to talk to you


How to avoid the “Commoditization Curse” & stop leaving money on the table


How to create irresistible value with HCPs (your strongest differentiator from competition) 

The Customer-Focused / Patient-Focused Approach to Distinguish and Win Business


Also Covered:

-How to get past gatekeepers, command customer attention, and create sales opportunities . . . even with highly resistant healthcare professionals

-Why believing the BIG MYTHS about medical sales could be holding you back and how to GET REAL

– How to distinguish yourself and your products from competitors through individualized value creation (and how typical medical reps limit sales opportunities through typical, intuitive sales approaches)

– What motivates doctors and other HCPs to buy and how to leverage it to sell more

-How to establish relationship credibility with HCPs so they’re willing to freely discuss what’s on their minds

-How to eliminate the common excuses of under-performing medical reps

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President, Sales Pilot Medical Sales Performance""The Medical Sales Guy"
Past President National Speakers Association South Florida Chapter

Presented Live by Mace Horoff

President, Sales Pilot Medical Sales Performance
“”The Medical Sales Guy”
Past President National Speakers Association South Florida Chapter

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